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Enjoy a crackling fire this summer with a build-it-yourself fire pit

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on June 10, 2015 in  Outdoors
Ever since we learned how to create it, humans have found comfort, warmth, and peace in a crackling fire. If you have the space and the inclination, why not bring that benefit to your backyard?Fire pits range in cost and complexity, from the portable metal contraption that you can purchase at a home store for about a hundred dollars, to a more expensive, more complex brick and stone fixture. Regardless of your choice, consider these factors when creating a space for your backyard campfire experience.First and forem... read more
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Four tips for outdoor living

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on May 26, 2015 in  Outdoors
Spring and summer bring the desire to, as Ralph Waldo Emerson suggested, “adopt the pace of nature.” We’re drawn outdoors to eat, to socialize, to play and to generally slow down and appreciate the fresh air. A few enhancements can create an enticing outdoor space to sweeten that summer breeze.Repel bugs. Priority one is making sure that the only guests at your outdoor party are the ones you invited. The fun of an outdoor meal is ruined when you and your guests become the meal to mosquitoes or whe... read more
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Three ways to landscape for value appreciation

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on May 13, 2015 in  Decorating and Staging  Maintenance and Repair  Outdoors
First impressions count, and when you’re selling your home, the first impression is the view from the curb. Home appraisers, Realtors, and buyers agree: a seller’s efforts in landscaping can pay dividends. A well landscaped property can increase selling value—but at the very least, it can bring buyers in the door more often than the competition and decrease your home’s time on the market. Experts agree that these three factors will add to the value of your home:#1 Trees. HGTV’s number... read more
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Six tips for easing snow and ice removal

Posted by Kristina Fore on December 09, 2014 in  Maintenance and Repair  Outdoors
Mother Nature wasted no time in reminding us we live in the north. Winter officially is still more than a week away, but it feels like it arrived a month ago — especially if you’re feeling the aches and pains from shoveling snow and removing ice.But these tips can help you (and your sidewalks and driveways) stay in tip-top shape this winter. #1 Mark off lawn and plant beds. If the ground hasn’t already frozen where you live, place tall stakes in it to mark where pavement ends and vegetation... read more
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Five Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on May 20, 2014 in  Outdoors
Here in the River Valley, we’ve waited a long — and we mean long — time for summer, so kick it off in style this Memorial Day weekend with an outdoor get-together. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fussy. The point is to have fun. Our top five tips for outdoor entertaining can help. 1. Define your space. Decide where in your yard you want people to gather. If it’s a cozy few, perhaps you just want to use your deck or patio, in which case your space is already defined for you. If you... read more
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