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10 Reasons You Want a REALTOR to Have Your Back

Posted: September 25, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Anna Jotham

The “tens” just keep coming! Take a look at ten reasons a qualified Realtor is your best first choice when you’re buying or selling. It’s one of the simplest and smartest steps to take!

#1 Your home gets more exposure. Realtors have their hands in multiple marketing venues, and when they take on your property, they can really get it out there. Posting your home in the local classified ads yourself isn’t going to get it sold anytime soon.

#2 Level-headed negotiating. Even for the calm professional, negotiating on your own home is tough. It’s impossible to remain objective when you are the buyer asking for some pre-closing upgrades, or when you are the seller hoping for a decent return on your investment. Working with an agent who is a trained negotiator is the best way to avoid any potential ugliness, and it definitely reduces the stress of the process. Buyers don’t like negotiating directly with Sellers. If you don’t have a Realtor, the buyer will often have one negotiating on their behalf.  Who’s representing and looking out for you in that scenario?

#3 Industry contacts to help find buyers. Have you ever met a Realtor? They are networkers. They know someone who knows someone who knows someone. Agents spend most of their time in communication with other agents. If one has a seller who is looking for a house with a purple front door, and another happens to have a client who wishes more than anything for a purple front door, they will find each other. Of course, needs and desires go well beyond the front door, but you get the point.

#4 Expert guide to all the steps involved in buying or selling a home. Seriously—there are a LOT of steps. An experienced Realtor is going to be by your side and walk you through every step, explaining the forms you have to sign, advising you on inspections and appraisals, and doing it all with patience.

#5 Understand the current market. Realtors see and understand the ups and downs, the curves and twists of the real estate market. They can advise sellers and buyers on important strategies to navigate a market trend that suits either one.

#6 Pricing expertise. While objective negotiating might be tough for a buyer or seller, objective pricing is nearly impossible. That beautiful oak trim that took you hours to add to the master bedroom? You probably can’t add that to the price of your home. Realtors can walk you through the process of listing your home using their research on truly comparable properties combined with their knowledge of the current housing market (see above).

#7 Tackling the paperwork. The number of forms to be signed from the beginning through the end of a buying or selling process is mind-boggling. A Realtor can explain the details of every form and answer your questions before you sign on the bottom line.

#8 Code expertise. If you want to run a photography business out of your garage, a qualified Realtor can tell you whether municipal codes will allow it. If you’re ready to commit to a property, but only if you can build a privacy fence, a Realtor can learn whether a fence is allowed in the neighborhood. City and county codes can be complex to navigate. A Realtor knows where to look.

#9 Long-term and thorough record keeping. While we like to fancy ourselves highly organized with steel-trap memories, it’s easy to lose important papers. The basement may flood, or we may just forget where the heck we put them. Realtors keep detailed records of all their clients, so in the likelihood that you need to find them a few years down the road, your odds of locating what you need are much better if you leave the record keeping to a professional.

#10 Ethics. A good Realtor values integrity. That means no corners are cut, and honesty always beats making a quick buck. Your trust is crucial to us, and we do what it takes to maintain that trust. They value your success as much as you do, and they’ll work with you to make it happen.

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