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10 Home Trends We Love

Posted: September 25, 2017 by Anna Jotham

Our favorite part about what we do is getting to walk through a variety homes and see what YOU do. We take mental notes of trends we love as we tour homes of all sizes. Here are just a few of our favorites.

#1 Mosaic tile backsplash: Nothing adds visual diversity to a kitchen like mosaic tile. This classic technique has made a comeback in modern home design. Visually, it adds color and texture to an otherwise boring wall. Practically speaking, tile is a heck of a lot easier to scrub when your tomato sauce explodes on the stove.

#2 Mid-century modern wallpaper: After several decades of wallpaper-shunning, homeowners are stepping back in time to embrace graphic designs. In the ensuing years since it went out of vogue, wallpaper has grown up a bit. It’s easier to apply, easier to fix errors, and easier to change when you want a new look. Instead of neutral walls and graphic furniture, we’re decking out the vertical space these days.

#3 Painted cabinetry: Instead of forking over thousands to replace the cabinets, homeowners are painting. It’s amazing how much brighter the kitchen becomes with a few coats of color on those dark doors. White isn’t our only option these days, either. The newest trend involves painting the upper and lower cabinets in two different shades or two entirely different colors. Our favorite: creamy off-white on top, dark teal on the bottom.

#4 Farmhouse style décor: It’s amazing what you can do with chicken wire when you look at it as decoration. Primary colors, distressed finishes, and a general rustic vibe add to the farmhouse feel. Even in a city home, it totally works, and it can make your house feel more like a getaway. This trend is easy to take from cute to kitsch (think rooster collections), but done right, it’s comforting.

#5 Stainless steel finishes: We’re on board with shiny new appliances. Stainless steel is everywhere. Each year, new advancements and new finishes address the fingerprint issue. Combine stainless steel appliances with some mid-century wallpaper, and you will rival the Jetsons for modern flair.

#6 Smart home features: Don’t get us started on smart homes—oh, wait, we’re already started. Coldwell Banker leads the industry in smart home innovations, and it’s not just because we love gadgets. Smart home features lead to safer and more energy efficient living, saving you money and worry. See our many other posts on the amazing technology that is taking our homes to the next level.

#7 Jewel tones: The deep purples, the dark jades and the royal blues have us dancing in our living rooms. Jewel tones can show up anywhere from an intense accent wall to a vibrant new couch to some lively accent pillows. There’s something luxurious and dignified about jewel tones.

#8 Bold front doors: Speaking of vibrant colors, why not slap a lovely teal or other jewel tone on the exterior of your front door? Most fashion advisors will tell you that deep tones are universally flattering for any skin tone. We think the same is true for your exterior. One way to boost curb appeal and set your home apart is to go for color.

#9 Marble surface: The feel is cool. The look is bright. The options are endless. Rolling out a pie crust? Do it once on a marble countertop and you’ll be sold. Homeowners with marble in the kitchen say that it actually helps keep the kitchen cooler. They come with some different maintenance needs, but marble surfaces are worth it.

#10 Hanging/pendant lights: In the bathroom, over the couch or in the kitchen, pendant lights bring a new dimension to brightening a room. You can get a swirling glass globe to complement your jewel tones, or you can get a chicken wire fixture to go with your farmhouse vibe. The options are endless, and the personality is big.

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