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Top 10 Reasons to Buy or Sell a Home

Posted: October 05, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Anna Jotham

As we continue to think in tens, today’s list involves ten reasons to take that leap either way. Here are our top ten reasons to buy or sell a home.


#1 Getting married. Getting carried over the threshold isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, unless you’re OK with the inevitability of bumping your head on the door frame. Regardless, buying a new home as a brand new married couple is pretty exciting. You get to combine two of your biggest commitments in one swoop.


#2 First baby/growing family. Newborns are sweet and fun to cuddle, but when they start to crawl, walk and run, that little starter bungalow suddenly becomes very small. It’s time to look for a house with a yard. Come to think of it, this applies with newborn pets, too—except, perhaps, fish.


#3 Job change/relocation. The excitement of a career shift, landing that job you always wanted, or even your first professional position comes with thoughts of a new neighborhood.


#4 Retirement. First, throw yourself a huge party. At that party, give away your two extra toasters that you have always kept “just in case,” and your extra sets of dishes. Get ready for some big adventures and a little hard-earned freedom. Think about that place you always wanted to live, and start shopping. Better yet, sell your home and travel the world for a while.


#5 Move closer to family. Sharing big news over the phone, buying a plane ticket just to see your dad, and using vacation time only for family visits can get old. There are lots of reasons to move closer to our families, and in many cases, there are lots of homes we can buy right in the same town (or an hour away, if that much closeness feels like a little much).


#6 Downsizing. When there’s an echo in the empty nest that can no longer be filled by all those things we said we were going to do when we had “more time,” moving to a smaller house makes sense. Passing on the roomy home and shifting to something a little more cozy is the way to go.


#7 Investment. One of the best investments is real estate. It holds steady or often appreciates in value, and running rental properties is a great way to generate some long-term income.


#8 Build equity. Look for less-expensive houses in good neighborhoods. These homes will hold their value and allow an owner to slowly build some equity without spending a ton of money initially.


#9 Lifestyle. Maybe you live in the city and have always wanted a hobby farm. Or you live in the country and always wanted to walk to the park for live music on a Thursday evening. Maybe a child is starting kindergarten and you want to be closer to schools. Or maybe you want to walk to the lake and throw in a line every evening. Either way, life’s too short to sit and wish.


#10 Age. The time comes when that lawn we once loved to maintain becomes less charming, and that big, heavy snow blower no longer feels macho. Stairs lose their charm. It’s time to take a look at something a little less complex—perhaps in a condo complex (see what we did there)?


People buy and sell for a thousand different reasons or combinations of reasons. Dreams come  in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the reasons for buying or selling, we love to help make it happen.

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