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Five Resolutions for Homeowners

Posted: January 03, 2018 at 12:00 AM by Anna Jotham

Keep your home in tip-top shape and ready to capture tip-top offers if and when you eventually decide to sell…and if you don’t decide to sell, you come home every day to a beautiful, comfortable house. Either way, you win.

Replace Worn Weather Stripping

That squishy stuff around our exterior doors is easy to forget; it’s the quiet superhero that keeps the warm air inside and the cold outside when it’s working as it should. How often should you replace it? That depends on the type you have. A quick look will tell you if it’s cracked and aging. Another way to find out if it’s working efficiently is to go outside at night and take a close look at your door frame. If the lights are on inside and you can see light around your door, even a little, your heating bill will thank you to get some new weather stripping installed. This project will cost less than a hundred dollars in materials, and it will pay for itself in no time.

Update Fixtures 

One relatively simple (and super fun) way to bring your home into the next decade is to replace your light and plumbing fixtures. Brass is a thing of the past, folks. Try a brushed nickel light fixture in the living room. That bathroom sink is also begging for a new faucet and handles if the last time they were replaced was right after you permed your hair and pulled on your leg warmers.

Deep Clean 

A thorough cleaning doesn’t have to wait until spring. Walls seem like generally benign surfaces throughout the house, but you will be amazed at all they can collect, especially if you have pets or kids, or both. Mix warm water, a splash of white vinegar, and a bit of baking soda in a bucket and go after those walls. Not only is washing walls a great workout; it tackles lots of germs and allergens in your home.

Address Those Carpets 

In 2016, the Huffington Post reported that household carpets can harbor up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Everything that walks into your home on the bottom of your (your children’s, your pets) feet ends up trapped in those hospitable little fibers. Now is the perfect time to look for some good sales on new carpets. If total replacement is outside your budget, look into a professional cleaning service. DIY carpet cleaners have great intentions, but the moisture they introduce into your carpet often just breeds mold. Professional is the way to go, and it’s worth the peace of mind. Better yet: if you live in an older home, check out what’s under that carpet. Hardwood floors are hot these days, and you may have buried treasure underneath your Berber.

Consider Crown Molding 

At around $1.40 per square foot, the price is right for a quick update that adds class to a living room or master bedroom. It’s fairly easy to cut and install crown molding yourself, and the dimension and visual interest it adds to a room will surprise you. The internet is rife with videos and tips for installing this classy yet affordable feature. Check it out.

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