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Staging a Home While Living In It

Posted: April 04, 2018 by Anna Jotham

When you’re ready to sell your home, you want it to immediately appeal to buyers, so that it commands attention, draws great offers and sells fast. To get there, experts recommend staging your home. But what’s a family to do when they need to stage a property while still living in it? Never fear! We’ve got great tips for staging a home while you are living in it. 


Depersonalize the house. 

The objective here is to help potential buyers see themselves in your home, not you. So although those wedding photos are precious, and it makes you happy to see your child’s art on the fridge, you’ll want to swap items like these out in favor of more generic, but attractive décor such as landscape photography or store-bought canvas art. Be sure to remove any trophies and religious icons, recommends, “How to Stage Your Home While You Live In It,” as well as home movies and calendars.  

Organize and declutter your closets and cupboards.

You’ll still need to use some of the items in these spaces on a daily basis most likely. But experts say you should aim to remove half of the stuff from your closets. Reduce what’s in the cupboards, too, and make sure the dishes and canned goods are stacked neatly. You want to give the illusion of a clean, effortless space with tons of room for the incoming homebuyer. 

Rethink your furniture.

Experts recommend removing pieces of large furniture if you can live without them, then rearrange your furniture to showcase the benefits of each space. That’s according to, “7 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home While Living there Too.” Resist the temptation to buy new furniture, and instead consider neutral furniture covers with a few colorful throw pillows.
Now, you’re probably wondering what to do with all that spare stuff! Why don’t you….

Rent a storage unit.

In addition to paring down the belongings you keep in cupboards and closets, you’ll want to declutter overall. Carefully wrap the personalized items, including those precious wedding photos. Box them up and take them to a nearby rental unit. You’ll have quick access to those items if it turns out you need them, and in their absence they leave room for buyers to be wowed by your space. You’ll want to give your place the chance to put its best foot forward. 

Keep it clean. 

Let’s be realistic. When your home life is chaotic, the idea of keeping your house spotless may seem impossible. Yet you want your home to be as clean as it’s ever been to really impress potential buyers. Consider hiring outside cleaning help to come in weekly, suggest the experts at, in “How to Stage Your Home While Living in It (Without Losing Your Mind).” In addition, you’ll want to establish a household cleaning schedule and make sure everyone adheres to it. From keeping the house smelling fresh and clean to storing daily-use items that buyers could find unsightly—such as toothbrushes and used soap—you want your space to be absolutely spotless. Give everyone a tote to allow them to store those daily use items, then stash them away before showings.

You CAN live in your home while staging it!

It isn’t easy, but it is possible to live in your home while staging it. Just be sure all family members are on the same page—that they know their role in the daily upkeep and organization—and your house is sure to wow potential buyers when they walk in the door. If it still seems like too much of a challenge, you may want to consider staying with relatives or friends, renting something short-term or checking into a local hotel. In a few weeks, it will all be over, and you’ll be ready to move permanently. 

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