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Clutter Control: Five Tips for Decluttering

Posted: March 06, 2019 by Anna Jotham

The white blanket on the ground has us dreaming of spring, a time of refreshing and renewing. Even if it’s still weeks before the first daffodils peek through the ground, you can still get into spring mode now by decluttering your home.

Here are our five favorite tips for getting the job done.

Take it one spot at a time. Whether it’s your cupboard, closets or basement, attack just one space at a time. It can be a series of cupboards per day. Or a room per weekend. Decluttering is one place where the adage about eating an elephant one bite at a time applies.

Start small. Begin with the smallest, easiest area. That will give you a quick success and sense of satisfaction, energizing you to do more.

Sort in threes. Most items you sort will fall into one of these categories: keep, give away, trash. When beginning a new area, go into it with a bin for organizing what you’re keeping, a box for what you’re giving away and a trash bag for the truly used up and finished items.

Give it time. If you run across items that you’re not sure you’re ready to part with, store them in a tote in your basement or garage and mark the date on it. If after a full year you haven’t needed or missed anything in the tote, don’t open it — just get rid of it.

Avoid unnecessary stuff. Once you’ve decluttered, the most effective way to declutter is to stop bringing additional stuff home. If you do bring in something new, discipline yourself to get rid of two other things already in your home.

We’ve used these tips many times when helping clients stage their homes for sale. More than once, they’ve liked the results so much they’ve almost changed their minds about selling. Follow these simple tips and you’ll likely find yourself enjoying your space in a whole new way.

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