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Houzz Identifies Top Kitchen Trends

Posted: April 19, 2019 by Anna Jotham

Our kitchens say so much about us: as the heart of a home, they not only reflect our design aesthetic, but our household priorities, our aspirations and our commitment to having a space that provides not only food for the body but food for the soul.

The recently issued 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study shows us all of this and more, pointing to our changing attitudes toward everything from tech to conservation to accessibility as our bodies age. Here are some of the top trends the study identified for today’s kitchens.



Trend 1: We don’t mind living among the sawdust

In the Houzz study, most homeowners chose to stay in their homes as the kitchen was being remodeled (66 percent). Those who tried to have it all, by moving out partially, experienced the most stress during the remodeling project and regretted that choice more than the other groups. And among those who chose to leave during remodeling, most (55 percent) depended on the kindness of friends and family to bridge the gap. Thanks, Mom!


Trend 2: When we upgrade, we reach for tech

Beam me up, soufflé! Today’s kitchens are getting techier as we remodel, with more than half (57 percent) of new faucets we upgrade going high-tech, and in the process, saving water and energy. We’re also reaching for wireless tech, new appliances, upgraded electronics and home assistants.


Trend 3: We want new styles and finishes, but we aren’t matchy-matchy

Is it getting haute in here? When it comes to kitchen styles, we may still favor transitional (21 percent), but increasingly farmhouse style is gaining popularity, with contemporary styles close behind. In addition, we are mixing metal finishes in hardware and fixtures, and gray cabinets are more en vogue.


Trend 4: Engineered materials are taking a front seat

Increasingly, we’re opting for engineered materials to create the look and feel for our kitchens. That includes engineered quartz, which at 48 percent, was more popular than all natural stone materials put together. Engineered flooring materials have become almost two times more popular than natural hardwoods. That includes engineered wood, vinyl and laminate.


Trend 5: Our kitchens reflect ourselves

We’re remodeling for the long haul. As baby boomers age, we’re seeing that trend reflected in our kitchens, too. As adults over age 55 plan to stay in their homes, they’re remodeling their kitchens to address their physical needs as they age, making them larger and more open, and outfitting them with the add-ons they know they’ll need like wall ovens, lighting enhancements, new cooktops and hands-free faucets.


Trends in kitchens reflect our changing needs and wants

From the finishes on our drawer pulls and faucets to long-term accessibility and convenience as well as function, our kitchens serve as a reflection of ourselves, our changing needs and our priorities. The Houzz study, based on a 60-question survey, shows us how homeowners are choosing to upgrade their kitchens, and in the process, can offer guidance and inspiration when we set out to tackle a remodeling project of our own.

Click here to read the complete 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

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