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Essential Moving Checklist

This checklist will help you execute your move seamlessly
Posted: August 29, 2019 by Anna Jotham

Let’s be honest: moving is overwhelming. It can feel like there are a bazillion little and big things to do before, during and after the big day. Getting a handle on it seems impossible. But like any huge, multifaceted project, having a checklist can really help you stay organized while making sure you overlook nothing. And we’ve done much of the legwork for you by pulling together this essential checklist for moving. 

Ready your pens and packing tape! We’re ready to get your big move rolling.


Things to accomplish well before you move.
  • Downsize. Get rid of stuff you no longer need or want. You may want to form four piles: one for donations, one to give to family and friends, a pile of items to sell and one for the trash.
  • List all items you are selling on the online platform of your choice or place a classified ad in the paper.
  • At the same time, organize all of your records such as health care and financial documents.
  • If hiring a moving company, gather bids or do some research into what each company costs and what it includes.
  • Choose the day or days for the big move and select and schedule the movers you choose to hire.
  • If the movers are not including moving boxes in their quote, start collecting them or purchase them, as well as packing supplies and tape. Be sure to have enough protective wrap such as bubble wrap for items that are fragile.
  • Double check measurements to make sure your furniture will fit into your new space. If it doesn’t, give it away or sell it. 

Must-dos a few weeks before you move.
  • When packing items, be sure to pack them by the area they will live in your new place. Then note on the box which room the items belong in as well as what the box contains. This will expedite your unpacking process.
  • Don’t need it before the move? Pack it now. You’ll free up space for physically moving items and cleaning, while getting a head start on the move.
  • Pack valuables and plan to keep them with you at all times or develop a strategy for keeping them safe in the midst of moving chaos.
  • Change your address with all essential parties such as your employer, health care and insurance companies, your financial institutions, schools and anyone who needs to know for continuation of services.
  • Make sure any family members with essential prescriptions get a refill and that the prescription is transferred if need be. Running to the pharmacy in the midst of moving can be an inconvenience.
  • Put in for vacation time for your moving days.
  • Pack your luggage with whatever you need to “travel” for a week, which is essentially what it will feel like when you’re moving.
  • Set aside anything you don’t want taken in the moving truck for whatever reason. Clearly mark them so as to avoid confusion.

Things to do on moving day.
Hooray! The big day is finally here. You are in the home stretch, but it’s important to keep up the pace all the way through the finish line. 
  • Develop a plan for keeping the kids busy and entertained. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa get a special day with them, or you simply make sure their devices are loaded with fun and games to keep them occupied.
  • Confirm that the movers who show up are from the company you hired, for safety’s sake. After all, they are transporting your whole life. Make sure the confirmation you’ve received matches the vehicle they arrive in.
  • Keep a few cleaning supplies and trash bags on hand for any garbage needs and to spiff up the space as needed.
  • If friends are helping with the move, be sure you’ve put in a lunch and beverage delivery order. It will be much appreciated.
  • If checking out of an apartment, schedule time for a final walk-through with your landlord.

Simplify moving with this essential moving checklist.
“Moving is easy,” said no one ever. And every move is unique in its own way. But hopefully with this essential moving checklist, you’ll find your process is streamlined and the only thing you overlook in the end is your new backyard, glass of celebratory wine in hand. 

Cheers to your new space and a perfect move! 

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