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6 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Home

Finding creative ways to store life's necessities is key.
Posted: October 22, 2019 by Anna Jotham

Life comes with a lot of…well, stuff, and sadly homes often seem short on storage for all of it. While it may seem that you are truly tapping the storage potential of your home, chances are there are some nooks in your house that are perfect for storing life’s necessities — no matter how small your square footage. The trick is finding them and filling them. It’s that easy!


Your house and its hidden storage areas

If you’re looking around your living space and shrugging your shoulders because storage space isn’t apparent, never fear! We’ve done the investigative work for you and have found several hidden storage spaces in your home. Let’s check them out.


1. Closet and cabinet doors

If you’re only filling cabinet and closet cavities, you’re missing out massive storage capability! Cabinet doors have tons of potential if you install some simple hooks on the inside or a narrow spice shelf. And closets often have even more potential storage space as the doors can be sturdier and provide better support for heavier goods. Hang a shelf on the inside of your closet to store shoes and accessories, or on the inside of a pantry to store canned goods.


2. The sides of cupboards

The exposed sides of cabinets are massively underutilized and unappreciated. Often left bare, they can be used to hang kitchen utensils, paper towels and other must-haves. If you have sufficient space, you can even add shelves for additional storage, suitable for showing off your beautiful cooking tools or that antique teapot that’s been in the family for generations.


3. Under stairs

Space under staircases is notoriously under-utilized. But it turns out you can fit a lot under a couple of steps. Taking advantage of the space beneath stairs can be tricky and may involve the expertise of someone who’s especially handy. But the payoff comes in the form of valuable storage space for seasonal items, sporting goods, crafts and other supplies. So, step up!


4. Between studs

Did you know there is often space within your walls that you can use for storage? Check out those transition walls in hallways or in the bathroom. By installing recessed shelves that sit within the wall itself, you’re using space that is otherwise wasted. Brilliant!


5. On the ceiling

Your ceiling is often bare, unused space. And in the garage, for example, the ceiling can often support a suspended storage system. This approach can also often work in utility rooms and other spaces where aesthetics aren’t really an issue. You may even suspend items like bicycles, light watercraft and sporting equipment.


6. Hideaway furniture

The latest furniture innovations embrace the tiny home movement by creating hidden storage space. So when you’re in the market to upgrade your furniture, look for items that have built in storage, such as ottomans that open from the top, beds with drawers beneath them, and other creative furniture solutions.


Simple storage solutions in your home

You can really never have too much storage space in a home. So finding hidden storage in your house is like adding square footage. This way, there really is a place for everything…your only job is to make sure everything gets put in its place.

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