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Luxury Design Trends for the Coming Year Main Photo

Luxury Design Trends for the Coming Year

Here are the current design trends in luxury properties.
Posted: July 01, 2020 by Anna Jotham

No matter the season, or the year, or the current state of the economy, it seems luxury is always in demand. And whether you're among those who live a lifestyle of luxury, or if you just enjoy seeing how the other half lives, there are both emerging and steadfast design trends in luxury properties that are sure to pique your interest. So let's step inside these homes of the affluent, and check out what luxury touches they're looking for these days. Luckily, you won't have to sneak a peek under rugs, in the closets and inside the medicine cabinet (shame on you!), as we've done the legwork for you.


Today's design trends in luxury properties

Here's where upper-income luxury homeowners are investing their spare cash inside their homes to obtain that luxurious feel.


Kitchens are killing it

When you've got money to burn, most people turn to the room with the most burners: the kitchen. These days, luxury design calls for killer kitchens. Chop your organic, locally-sourced ramps on an enormous kitchen island, and they're sure to taste even more decadent. Luxury kitchen design calls for enough space for several cooks and their culinary arts-loving friends. Luxury also extends to the appliances. Think refrigerators that notify you when your nibbles are past due or when your favorites are soon to run out. Some refrigerators can even place an online order for you; now that's luxury!


Luxurious add-ons

The rich and famous are installing amenities that most of us might never even think about. But for those with elevated tastes who have become accustomed to a particular lifestyle, these amenities are the next step toward achieving luxury home nirvana. This can come in the form of heated toilet seats and high-end bidets or glass-encased wine rooms to display your valuable wine collection. For others, this may be a full-on theatre experience, full-size sports facilities and, of course, luxury swimming pools. Is a swim-up bar too much to ask?


Advanced security

Having a high-end property and amenities requires protection, so it's no surprise that security features rank high among luxury design elements. These can include cameras with night vision and locks with fingerprint recognition. While it may seem, at times, the stuff of sci-fi novels, there's no doubt that protecting a property from those with certain intentions is necessary.


Smart home features

Everyone, it seems, wants to take advantage of smart home features, and those in luxury properties are at the front of the line. So luxury properties these days may come equipped with features to control shades, lights, doors and temps. Voice assistants are a given, making the life of luxury that much easier.


Luxury design trends not to be missed

If you're among those living a life of luxury, these amenities and features can make your home that much more beautiful. And if you're ready to leap into the life of luxury yourself, we can help you find the home you've wished for. No matter what you envision for your luxurious future, we can help you open the door to your dreams.

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