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Your Summer Bucket List at Home

Summer 2020 activities at home.
Posted: July 27, 2020 by Anna Jotham

This summer might look a little different from previous years. With the effects of COVID-19 still present in the news, it is understandable to be wary of going to a lot of public places this summer as usual. We have compiled a list of activities that can be done at home without losing any summer fun! Even better, this list isn’t just for kids, we’ve got some ideas for the adults too!


• Create an outdoor obstacle course in your backyard
Make an afternoon of fun with a DIY obstacle course right in your backyard! You can really use whatever you have for this. People have used hula-hoops, a slide, pool noodles, and even laundry baskets! You can find a couple of examples below:
What could be better than playing with bubbles? Giant bubbles! Use the recipe below to make a solution for giant bubbles and instructions on how to make your own bubble wand. You can also try using a hula-hoop as a wand!

If you’re feeling creative, this is a great activity! Bubble painting is a great option for kids because it’s easy, inexpensive, and fun to make. The link below will give you three ways to make your (or your kids) next masterpiece!

• Balloon tennis
You don’t need anything fancy to have fun… this only requires a paint stick, paper plates, hot glue, and a balloon! Cut the paint stick in half and hot glue to the paper plates to act as a handle. Once the paddles are ready just hit a balloon back and forth! You can make it as casual or competitive as your family wants!

Sidewalk chalk creations are a classic way to enjoy time outside and use your creative side. This year, spice it up with squirtable chalk creations! Watch the hues blend and create a chalk masterpiece within 15 minutes!

You don’t have to go to an aquarium to learn about sea creatures! Make a mason jar aquarium with this fun and easy craft that will let your kids enjoy a treasure they created!

• Backyard splash pad
You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to visit the splash pad this year! Make one in your backyard using sprinklers, a tarp, and your kid's favorite water toys. Below you’ll find a couple of examples:
     o DIY Splash Pad
• Squirt gun paintings
Create a colorful art project in a new way using squirt guns and diluted paints! You can use water guns, squirt guns, squirt bottles, or even your basic spray bottle! Mix water and paint (watercolor works well) in your bottle and then start creating! You can find specific details on how to get the best results below:


• Photo scavenger hunt
This is a fun way to spend time with friends and create friendly competition. Create a list of things around your home (inside and out), or even around the block. Make sure there is a mix of easy and difficult items to find. Once you’ve got your group share the list and send them out to find the items. Everyone takes a picture on their phone and has to start at a different item on the list. A scavenger hunt is a fun and easy way to spend a summer afternoon at home!

• Water balloon baseball
Get some friendly competition going this summer with water balloon baseball! Fill up some water balloons and grab some wiffle bats for an easy and fun way to cool off this summer. Have fun hitting the balloons or make it a full baseball game by using a new balloon to tag players ‘out’. The best part is, your group can decide the rules that work best for you!

Create a fun game to keep yourself and the company occupied this summer using plastic cups, some string, and water squirt guns! Simply punch a hole in the bottom of the cups, place the cups on the strings, and then attach to a post or outside wall. Line up your competitors, or get the timer ready and use the water gun to push the cup down the length of the string! 

• Work your way through a cookbook
Do you have a cookbook you’ve been wanting to use but haven’t had the time? One fun thing to try this summer is to work your way through a cookbook! As you go make sure to mark the recipes you’ve tried. You can even make this a family activity and get everyone involved! This is a fun way to try new foods and expand on your skillset.

• Start a new book
A lot of us have that book that we keep saying we are going to read one day “when we have time.” Well, there is no better time than the present! Escape to a new world with a new book this summer, and you never know, you might end up reading more!

• Try a new hobby
A great way to keep yourself busy this summer is to try a new hobby! Whether it’s music, painting, crafting, movies, or even just running, a new hobby will give you something to be excited about while staying productive! 


• Picnic (indoor or outdoor)
Change up your normal dinner plans with a family picnic! If weather permits, bring it outside or bring the picnic inside and have a living room picnic! This is a fun way to create new summer memories and enjoy a change of scenery, especially in a time where you may feel stuck inside!

• Camp in your backyard
You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the camping experience! Set up your tent(s) in your backyard (or living room even) and get ready for a night in the outdoors. Make the experience as realistic or altered as you want! Check out the ideas below to make your camping experience even better!
• Family walks/ bike rides
If you’re beginning to feel cooped up inside a great way to stretch your legs is by going on a walk or bike ride. Make it a family activity and enjoy the fresh air! You could even make it into a new routine by going every night or once a week!

• Board game night
An easy way to make memories this summer is with a game night. Let each person pick a game and spend the day/night playing! If you want to get fancy you could even make prizes for the winners!

• Backyard games
Similar to a board game night, you can have a game night outside! There are tons of outdoor game options, but here are a few to get you started:
     o Mini Golf
     o Giant Kerplunk
     o Human Ring Toss

Now that the warm weather is here you can enjoy spending more time outside at night. Bring the movie night outside using a projector to create your own version of a drive-in theater! If you have a relatively blank side of your house you can use that as your screen, or something as simple as a white bedsheet! The only thing you will need it a projector of some sort, but they have some relatively inexpensive options now!

• Stargaze
If you have a clear night and minimal lights around your house you can spend a night stargazing for a fun activity this summer. You don’t need fancy equipment to see the stars and constellations, but there are some mobile apps that can help your experience!

• Have a costume night
Switch up your typical dinner and have a themed night! Everyone dresses up to match the theme, and match the food itself to complete the theme. You could do a ballpark theme; or even based on a movie, like Ratatouille. The possibilities are endless! 

• Make homemade ice cream sundaes
Nothing screams summertime quite like an ice cream sundae. Set up an ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings and ice cream flavors. Pair it with a movie for a family activity you all can enjoy!

While we can’t do our normal summer activities and events this summer, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make memories! This summer take the time to enjoy being in the moment and finding new ways to spend time with the ones you love! Let us know if you complete this bucket list and which activity was your favorite!

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