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The Dream Wine Cellar

An exquisite wine cellar that matches your tastes is within reach.
Posted: March 31, 2021 by Anna Jotham

Whether you're currently an avid wine collector or thinking about expanding your collection and in need of the perfect space for it, no doubt your mind has turned to the dream wine cellar. Perhaps you want an exquisite space with lingering hints of the old country or something fresh, crisp and white with notes of modernism. Whatever your taste, the wine cellar of your dreams is within reach, right here in the Upper Midwest.


The components of a dream wine cellar

Wine cellars vary widely in design, look and feel, from the charming and rustic look to the sleek and modern, but any oenophile knows the wine cellar is about much more than aesthetics. Just as important, behind the design of a dream wine cellar are features that secure, protect and safely store your collection while preserving the precious contents of each bottle. Simply put, a luxury wine cellar is more than meets the eye, and choices abound that can satisfy any palate.  

What might an ideal wine cellar look like for you? Here are some options to get you thinking and dreaming.


The stone zone and beyond

When it comes to aesthetics, stone can create the mood you're looking for in your dream wine cellar. Whether it's rustic brick, elegant marble, or even inlaid Italian tiles, your wine cellar can look cool, comfy or chic depending on the stone choices you make. Arches can add grace to your space, and don't forget wood accents, which can add elegance with classic mahogany or laid-back style with distressed wood.


Smart add-ons

Temperature control and security are key for protecting your prized wine collection, and smart home features can ensure you don't have to be personally attuned to your wine cellar 24-7. Depending on your collection's scope and value, you may want to consider biometric security features, which grant entry only to approved individuals via fingerprint. Likewise, today's security systems include those that can notify you whenever someone has entered or exited the cellar.


The tasting space

The dream wine cellar includes the ideal tasting space, some with ample room for entertaining larger groups. So whether you're looking for a cozy corner where you can set a bottle on an old wine barrel table or an expansive bar area where you can swirl and sip, tasting spaces can be customized to your needs and dreams. And if you're looking for a room where you can dine and drink with friends, some dream wine cellars offer the perfect place for memorable evenings and unforgettable wines. Keep in mind, lighting is an important element to create the right mood in any wine cellar, from backlighting to fixtures that give off a warm glow and elegant chandeliers suitable for the grandest foyer. The options — and the moods they create — are many.


Time for a dream wine cellar?

With the limitations of your current space in mind, it might be time to look around at luxury listings. Many luxury listings in the region and beyond already feature a dream wine cellar that's ready and waiting for your collection and the exquisite finishing touches you imagine comprising the ideal space for your collection and tastings. Our luxury real estate experts can help show you the best the market has to offer for discerning wine collectors and, of course, the people who sip with them. In no time at all, you'll be toasting one another in your new wine cellar.

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