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It's so easy being green! Main Photo

It's so easy being green!

Simple ways to make your home more energy efficient.
Posted: April 23, 2021 by Anna Jotham

If one of your goals is to make your home more energy-efficient, you're in good company. There are so many reasons to go green at home, from the benefits to the planet to the benefits to your household's bottom line. And best of all, making your home more energy-efficient can be done in a number of quick and simple ways. 

Energy efficiency for your home is within reach

To help get you started, we've pulled together a list of our favorite easy tips for making your home more energy-efficient. Read on for ideas of how you can get started today. 

  1. Change by degrees. Be mindful that every degree of heating or cooling ups your home's energy burn by up to 8%. By turning the heat down in the winter (and putting on a sweater) or minimizing the use of air conditioning in the summer (Woohoo! Pool time!), you can reduce the amount of energy your home is using by a good deal. 
  2. Surround yourself with your fan club. Fans burn less energy than air conditioning, and a ceiling fan can allow you to raise your thermostat several degrees without compromising your comfort in the heat. Reversed, that same fan can help blow warm air to the room (rather than gathering at the ceiling). 
  3. Get some air. Drying your clothes on the line and dishes on the airdry setting versus the heat setting will save money and energy. 
  4. Upgrade your glass. Swapping out single-pane windows for windows that are energy efficient will pay off, as will upgrades like tint and solar shades.
  5. Remember to switch off. Running appliances and other systems needlessly is a waste of energy, so this is a straightforward fix that just requires some diligence. Take care to turn off the lights when they're not in use, and shut off appliances that are needlessly burning energy. Also, remind family members to turn off bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans when they are no longer needed. 
  6. Don't overcharge. Devices typically don't take all night to charge. Unplug them when the battery is charged to avoid using extra electricity. 
  7. Get smart. Smart home tech that allows you to automate your lights, both indoors and out, as well as heat and cooling settings, can be an excellent long-term investment that results in energy savings. 
  8. Dress well. Dressing inappropriately for the seasons can lead anyone to depend too much on their home's heat or cooling. Instead, dress for the weather. Stock up on warm, cozy clothing for the winters and cool fabrics for summer days. 
  9. Light the way. Swap out old energy-sucking lightbulbs for LEDs, which are far more energy-efficient. And, make good use of natural light as your default whenever possible. 
  10. Select the cold cycle. Your washing machine uses more energy when you wash in hot water, so consider the cold cycle for your clothes whenever possible. 

Keen to go green? Use these tips to get started.

Going green doesn't have to be complicated. By changing a few habits in our homes, we can create a more energy-efficient, more earth-friendly, and more budget-minded space. Use these tips to help you on your way to achieving this year's goal to go green at home.

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