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Finding the Right Contractor

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on March 31, 2014 in  Maintenance and Repair
We want to convert our deck into a three-season room this spring. We don’t want to do the work ourselves, but we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about contractors. How can we find the right one for us? Contractors can make home improvement projects go pretty smoothly, but the wrong one can make your life pretty miserable. It’s all about choosing the right one. Following these steps can help. Talk to others. If anyone knows who the best contractors are in your area, it’s Coldwell Banker ... read more

Change is number one factor affecting housing market

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on March 12, 2014 in  Buying and Selling
A lot of things affect consumers’ decisions to buy and sell homes, but the number one influencing factor is not found in the marketplace or the economy. It’s found in people’s life changes. Sure, supply and demand is a factor — especially now. After the housing bust of the late 00s and the recession that followed, people stopped building new homes. They didn’t have the money, and if they did, they didn’t want to spend it. The result today is a lack of homes available for sale, a... read more
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