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How to fix the four most common plumbing problems

Posted by Kristina Fore on January 29, 2015 in  Maintenance and Repair
It’s inevitable. With Super Bowl halftime comes talk about the record-breaking number of toilets flushing simultaneously throughout the nation. In fact, that’s probably the only time we think about toilet flushing — unless something isn’t working.Fortunately, a lot of bathroom plumbing problems are easy to fix on your own. Here are the four most common bathroom plumbing problems we see and how to fix them. (We’ll tell you now that if faced with anything more complicated than what we de... read more

Ten activities to make the most of snow days

Posted by Kristina Fore on January 12, 2015 in  uncategorized
Residents in the River Valley region usually see at least one or two snow days each year. For kids, it’s the highlight of winter. They hope for them, wear their pajamas backwards and inside out for them and get out of bed far more easily when snow days do happen. And really, don’t most people enjoy a chance to nest at home?We have ten ideas to make them even more enjoyable (and memorable, too).#1 PJ day. Let the kids stay in their pajamas—and consider joining them.#2 Fresh air. When it’s tim... read more
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