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Moving or not, home values matter

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on September 23, 2015 in  Buying and Selling  Financing
Later this month, we’ll see the housing market report for the third quarter. So far this year, we know that the median home value in Wisconsin is up 2.1 percent over the same period last year, and experts expect it will increase another 2.5 percent next year.That means a home that was valued at $150,000 last year is worth about $153,150 this year and is poised to hit $156,979 next year.Obviously this is important for people who are planning to buy or sell a house in Wisconsin in the near future, but it’... read more

Foreclosures: First-Time Buyers Beware

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on September 23, 2015 in  Buying and Selling  Financing
We're looking for a starter home, and we've heard that foreclosures can be purchased for thousands of dollars below market price. Should we focus our search on the foreclosure market?The simple answer is proceed with caution. Buying a foreclosure may seem like a no-brainer because the listing price is sometimes well below comparable homes, but you have much to consider before you put your energy into a process that can get complicated quickly.First, the home may not be move-in ready. Bad renovations: Sometimes, pr... read more

Five Fun Lunches for School and Beyond

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on September 13, 2015 in  Uncategorized
If you’re a dedicated lunch maker, it’s easy to run out of ideas by the second week of school. A sandwich, some crackers, and a fruit cup can quickly lose their luster for you and for your child. Mix it up a little with a few easy, affordable and creative lunch strategies.Reinvent a classic:  Grab a whole grain hotdog bun. Insert a peeled banana as the frankfurter. Slather with peanut butter and jelly instead of ketchup and mustard. Now, that is cute. It is also full of fiber, potassium and... read more
Innovation is constant in the tech world, and it’s a beautiful (and rare) moment when you can get a new-fangled and game-changing gadget for around twenty bucks.  Let’s take a minute and talk about cover plates—you know, those rectangular things that go around electrical outlets. Perhaps you’ve never given much thought to that cover plate, but some tech pioneers have come up with ideas to revolutionize something that most of the time serves only as a background. Check out these three n... read more
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