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Home Wine Cellars No Longer Bottom Dwellers

Posted by Anna Jotham on August 29, 2016 in  Decorating and Staging
Contrary to some beliefs, not all wine gets better with age. If you find yourself unable to resist that lovely bottle of chardonnay to go with the Riesling … and the pinot noir … and the Malbec that you already have at home, you may want to consider creating a space to store your wine so it stays happy and delicious, ready for a party. Many new homes are adding wine cellars to their original design, but with a little knowledge and creativity, you can add a wine cellar to any house.The first question i... read more

Smart Homes for Dogs: Yes, That's a Thing

Posted by Anna Jotham on August 15, 2016 in  Uncategorized
Dog owners are famous for loving their pets—like, seriously doting on their dogs. Doggy sweaters, doggy ice cream and cookies, doggy daycare; some canines live in the lap of luxury. If you are one who lavishes love on your pooch, hold onto your kibble. You’re not going to believe the latest in smart home technology…for dogs. Doggy smart homes are emerging on the market, each with more exciting features than the last. Some compelling developments in canine smart homes enhance entertainment, con... read more
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