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A Presidential Election Usually Means Slow Growth

Posted by Anna Jotham on October 06, 2016 in  uncategorized
An election year is a time of reflection on the values we hold dear. It’s also a good year to plan for Thanksgiving dinner at home instead of traveling to listen to Aunt Fanny rave about the collapse of the American way of life based on the election outcome, while Uncle Earl insists the new president is the best thing since sliced cranberry sauce. Regardless of the election outcome, an inarguable trend during an election year is a decrease in the growth of property values nationwide. Different sources repo... read more

Best Practices for Paying Off Your Mortgage

Posted by Anna Jotham on October 06, 2016 in  Buying and Selling  Financing
Early in home ownership, it’s tough to picture life without a mortgage payment. Would you travel more? Take that art class? Save more for retirement? Among the choices you can make with extra income, putting some toward your mortgage is a sound financial decision. Choose from several strategies toward knocking out your home mortgage. • Buy a home you can afford in the first place. Lenders are usually pretty generous in approving mortgage loans. Look to buy a home priced lower than the maximum amount a... read more

Funding Your Retirement with Real Estate Income

Posted by Anna Jotham on October 05, 2016 in  Buying and Selling  Financing
There are many options to consider when it comes to funding your retirement, and some savvy investors are padding their nest egg by simply buying another nest. No, we're not talking a second home here, we're talking about investment properties. Whether residential or commercial real estate, investment properties can enable you to collect income before and beyond retirement. Of course, as with any investment, there are pros and cons to consider. On the upside, rental properties can offer you regular income every ... read more
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