Be Right at Home

Imagine a classic Midwestern blizzard is whipping through the region, followed by some bone-chilling Canadian air that lasts for a week. Meanwhile, you’re house hunting; driving on slick roads that haven’t yet been plowed, stomping through drifts of snow and bracing yourself as you walk into the icy headwind in the backyard of a home you’re considering.   Now imagine this instead: slipping on a virtual reality headset and walking through properties from the comfort of your own home, while ... read more

Three Reasons to Consider a Home Warranty

Posted by Anna Jotham on February 06, 2017 in  Financing  Maintenance and Repair
A home warranty provides discounted repairs and replacements on a home’s large functional components, such as plumbing, air conditioning, furnace, electrical system and often on major appliances. When something breaks down, the homeowner contacts the warranty company to discuss next steps: Is it covered? Has it been maintained? When can it be addressed? For many, a home warranty may be exactly what you need. Here’s why.   #1 No DIY worries. For those of us who are about as handy as a nightcrawler... read more
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