Be Right at Home

The pre-search stages of buying a home are filled with dreams of quiet cul-de-sacs and wraparound porches, granite countertops and cozy reading nooks. The actual search may yield one or two of your must-haves, but the realities of home buying can be quite different than expected. Let’s face it: it’s not every day that we commit to something so entirely as we do our first home. The choice you make now will have an impact on your life for the next several years or even decades. It’s interestin... read more

Five Ways to Save on Winter Heating Costs

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 25, 2018 in  Maintenance and Repair
Many people in the upper Midwest are proud of their abilities to thrive through frigid and snowy winters. Others seem surprised each year when the temperature dips and the snow flies—no matter that it happens every single year. Whether you are a seasoned winter survivor or new to the cold weather scene, you can develop solid strategies for saving your bank account from a cold weather assault as the temperatures dip. Use the sun. In Chinese mythology, ten suns used to hang out in the sky until some wise ... read more

Five Resolutions for Homeowners

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 03, 2018 in  Maintenance and Repair
Keep your home in tip-top shape and ready to capture tip-top offers if and when you eventually decide to sell…and if you don’t decide to sell, you come home every day to a beautiful, comfortable house. Either way, you win. Replace Worn Weather Stripping That squishy stuff around our exterior doors is easy to forget; it’s the quiet superhero that keeps the warm air inside and the cold outside when it’s working as it should. How often should you replace it? That depends on the type ... read more

Where to Begin?

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 03, 2018 in  Financing
We just found out we’re expecting a baby this summer and we’d really like to buy a home before she’s here. Where do we start?   Congratulations! This is an exciting time full of anticipation. You have some planning to do.  Determine how much you can afford. Start by taking inventory of your financial situation. Can you show that your employment situation is stable? Is your debt-to-income ratio reasonable? How much home you can afford? Use a mortgage calculator... read more

2018 Housing Forecast: It's a Great Time to Own a Home

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 03, 2018 in  Buying and Selling
Good news looms if you’re looking to sell this year. And if you’re looking to buy, this year may be the time to go for it.  Labor shortages and rising lumber costs will contribute to rising home prices this year, yet experts at Freddie Mac anticipate sales to continue to climb as well. At first glance, these predictions can seem like great news for home sellers and daunting for those in the market to buy. However, the seller’s market is expected to slow a little from 2017. While home ... read more
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