Be Right at Home

We’ve all been there. After a couple of hours binge watching home improvement shows, you feel inspired, invincible and ready to update your nest. But then you survey your palace…and suddenly that trendy hipster vibe you were going for, or that 80s quirkiness or that 70s wood paneling and shag carpet look really shabby, not to mention expensive to update. And—worse yet—you don’t have anyone named Chip or Joanna on speed dial.  The prospect of updating your home can make even the f... read more

Smart Housewarming Gifts

Posted by Anna Jotham on March 08, 2018 in  Buying and Selling
Few life changes are as exciting and satisfying as buying and moving into a new home. To help the lucky new homeowners celebrate, consider making their new home smart. Smart home technology is not only a welcome housewarming gift, but one they’ll enjoy for as long as they’re in that beautiful new space.  Smart Home Gifts: Perfect for all Price Points Smart housewarming gifts span the gamut in both price and scope, so whether you want to go all in on something really special or get them someth... read more
Got the home improvement bug? When company is on the way, and you want to put your best foot forward, it’s fun to dream about feathering your nest! That is, until it’s time to talk budget. Nothing takes the wind out of our home improvement sails like projects with a huge price tag. Thankfully, there are loads of ways to create impact and make a lasting impression with home improvements that don’t cost much at all. And with the help of social media, ideas for these affordable improvements with impa... read more

20 Creative Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Posted by Anna Jotham on March 08, 2018 in  Financing
In your heart, you’re ready to buy a house. Maybe you scan the listings every week, to see what pops up in your favorite ‘hoods. Maybe you attend open houses, just to get ideas. And chances are your Pinterest board is full of pins related to home design and DIY inspiration.  Every single part of you feels ready to buy a house—that is, except your savings account.  Dreaming about homeownership is natural, and often comes easily. Saving for a down payment, not so much. Knowing that for t... read more
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