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Working From Home Shift Increases Real Estate Options

New attitudes toward remote work usher in new possibilities.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 21, 2020 in  COVID-19
As many workers continue to fulfill their responsibilities from a home office as a part of pandemic mitigation efforts, new attitudes toward working from home are emerging. And that means new possibilities are emerging for both home buyers and sellers. For some tech companies, namely Facebook and Twitter, the move toward a remote workforce has become permanent. But it isn't just tech companies that are realizing the benefits of having a remote workforce. Lambda School, an interactive online learning classroom, has... read more

Unexpected Colors Dominate Holiday 2020 Decorating Trends

Embracing the bold is what it's all about
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 14, 2020 in  Decorating and Staging
In a year where so much has been unexpected, maybe it's fitting that holiday 2020 decor is following suit. And while many are diving down into the comforts of traditional holiday decorations, there are some who are throwing caution entirely to the wind and embracing a new normal — in decor that is! And why not? Color is a great way to shake up the energy in our homes, boost our mood and welcome what's new. It's also a wonderful way to create unforgettable social media-worthy moments that your friends and fami... read more

Christmas Gift Guide for Luxury Kitchens

Here are the small appliance wonders to put on your Christmas list.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 08, 2020 in  Luxury Real Estate
Small appliances for the luxury kitchen are gifts that give back year-round. And with more of us spending loads of time at home, upgrading the necessities of life and adding in some luxury is precisely the sort of self-love we could all use right now. So whether you're plotting what to give the culinary enthusiast in your life or making out your own list for Santa, here's a guide to the must-have small appliances for the luxury kitchen to add to your 2020 gift list.  Luxury small appliances to add to your 202... read more

Creative Ways to Light Up Your Home for the Holidays

Getting lit is getting good
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 02, 2020 in  Decorating and Staging
This time of year, perhaps more than any other, we're thinking about getting lit — with holiday lights, of course! The night is settling in earlier, and winter is well on its way, so the time is right to start thinking about your holiday display. And though you may have decorated in past years, this year we can brighten the season even more with some creative ways to light up our homes. If you're short on ideas, we've got a big, red bag of tricks to make your home especially festive.  Fresh and creative... read more
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