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Tips for Creating a Home Gym

Working out from home just got easier...
Posted by Anna Jotham on March 24, 2021 in  Decorating and Staging  Home Improvement  Miscellaneous
Working from home is one thing; working out from home is quite another. Whether your gym membership ran out or your club has been closed off and on for public health reasons, chances are the thought of creating a home gym has crossed your mind lately. You're certainly not alone, and the good news is creating your own home gym can be a rewarding experience that pays dividends in terms of your health — not to mention membership savings!   Your home gym: here's what you need to know Of course, it's all too... read more

Unexpected Colors Dominate Holiday 2020 Decorating Trends

Embracing the bold is what it's all about
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 14, 2020 in  Decorating and Staging
In a year where so much has been unexpected, maybe it's fitting that holiday 2020 decor is following suit. And while many are diving down into the comforts of traditional holiday decorations, there are some who are throwing caution entirely to the wind and embracing a new normal — in decor that is! And why not? Color is a great way to shake up the energy in our homes, boost our mood and welcome what's new. It's also a wonderful way to create unforgettable social media-worthy moments that your friends and fami... read more

Creative Ways to Light Up Your Home for the Holidays

Getting lit is getting good
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 02, 2020 in  Decorating and Staging
This time of year, perhaps more than any other, we're thinking about getting lit — with holiday lights, of course! The night is settling in earlier, and winter is well on its way, so the time is right to start thinking about your holiday display. And though you may have decorated in past years, this year we can brighten the season even more with some creative ways to light up our homes. If you're short on ideas, we've got a big, red bag of tricks to make your home especially festive.  Fresh and creative... read more

6 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Home

Finding creative ways to store life's necessities is key.
Posted by Anna Jotham on October 22, 2019 in  Decorating and Staging
Life comes with a lot of…well, stuff, and sadly homes often seem short on storage for all of it. While it may seem that you are truly tapping the storage potential of your home, chances are there are some nooks in your house that are perfect for storing life’s necessities — no matter how small your square footage. The trick is finding them and filling them. It’s that easy!   Your house and its hidden storage areas If you’re looking around your living space and shrugging your sho... read more

Here's What's on Trend in Home Design in 2019

Whether buying, selling or updating, what’s in and out matters
Posted by Anna Jotham on July 03, 2019 in  Decorating and Staging
Whether buying, selling or updating, what’s in and out matters Home design trends are ever-evolving, and it can be tough to stay on top of them. Yet as a property owner, no one wants to have the house that looks dated; it can signal a lack of care and upkeep. And that becomes even more important to consider when it’s time to sell and move into your next dream home. So what’s on trend in 2019? Let’s take a look.   Large art that makes an impression If you’ve got a gallery wall, it... read more
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