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Estate Planning For Your Home

Plan now, to help your loved ones later.
Posted by Anna Jotham on October 22, 2019 in  Financing
A home is often the most valuable asset in your estate, so when it’s time to start thinking about estate planning, what to do with your home will be one of the biggest matters you consider. In addition, discussing your intentions for your property with loved ones is also necessary to ensure your wishes are understood. While there are several estate planning strategies for your home that can help make the transition easier on your family, estate planning for your home remains a potentially complex and emotiona... read more

Thinking About Selling Your Home with an Online Investment Firm?

Here’s what you should know about iBuyers
Posted by Anna Jotham on June 06, 2019 in  Financing
Here’s what you should know about iBuyers If you’ve paid attention to the real estate industry at all lately, you may have noticed the increased popularity of iBuyers, or online investment firms that buy and sell properties. And they do it quickly. By leveraging algorithms, they swiftly determine the value of a property and extend an automated offer. Sounds great if you’re selling and need to move fast, right? That may be true, but there are several things you should know and understand about iBuy... read more

10 Things You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

Posted by Anna Jotham on February 21, 2019 in  Financing
Option for seniors should be given careful consideration You’ve probably seen the television commercials about reverse mortgages and how they can be an option for seniors who own their homes and need some extra cash. And while it may seem like a great option to tap into the equity you’ve built in your property, there are many considerations when it comes to a reverse mortgage, and not all of them are immediately apparent, or mentioned in those commercials. So let’s put this under the microscope ... read more
When you’re ready to shop for a new home, securing a mortgage is often a primary piece of the puzzle. To do that, you’ll want to have a handle on your credit score. Your credit score can determine not only whether you are able to get approved for a mortgage loan, but also potentially the limit of that loan and what your interest rate will be. Have a lagging credit score, and you could wind up paying more for the same money as someone down the street with a sterling score.  Understanding your credi... read more
When it’s time to take out a mortgage loan for your new home or property, your lender is likely to add the insurance premium and property taxes to your mortgage payment. In the process, the lender sets that money aside to make sure both are paid in a timely fashion. It’s in the lender’s interest to provide this service, as it protects them from uninsured losses you incur if you can’t cover them, as well as tax liens that may crop up. As time goes on, your mortgage lender may cover any cost d... read more
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