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COVID Boosts Interest in the Luxury Market

In real estate, high-end properties are on the move.
Posted by Anna Jotham on March 09, 2021 in  COVID-19  Luxury Real Estate
The luxury real estate market is enjoying a boom as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, and a number of factors are feeding into the trend, according to analysts. Compared with the same time period in 2019, demand for high-end homes leapt 42% in the third quarter of last year, according to a report from That is the largest recorded increase since the organization began tracking the data in 2013. At the same time, sales of lower-priced homes slowed as inventory dwindled. Redfin experts noted that the luxury ... read more

Christmas Gift Guide for Luxury Kitchens

Here are the small appliance wonders to put on your Christmas list.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 08, 2020 in  Luxury Real Estate
Small appliances for the luxury kitchen are gifts that give back year-round. And with more of us spending loads of time at home, upgrading the necessities of life and adding in some luxury is precisely the sort of self-love we could all use right now. So whether you're plotting what to give the culinary enthusiast in your life or making out your own list for Santa, here's a guide to the must-have small appliances for the luxury kitchen to add to your 2020 gift list.  Luxury small appliances to add to your 202... read more

Is Remote Luxury Real Estate the Next Big Thing?

Social distancing or no, remote luxury may be just what the doctor ordered.
Posted by Anna Jotham on July 15, 2020 in  COVID-19  Luxury Real Estate
Imagine next level social isolation. A luxe retreat in the mountains. A woodsy hideaway surrounded by unspoiled nature and abundant wildlife. A lake house nestled in a quiet bay on a private swath of sugary sand, with all the amenities you could dream of. A private tennis court and built-in pool. Perhaps floor to ceiling windows and a bluffside view that never lets you feel closed in. With social distancing becoming commonplace these days, luxury remote property owners seem to have isolation all figured out. Why st... read more

Luxury Design Trends for the Coming Year

Here are the current design trends in luxury properties.
Posted by Anna Jotham on July 01, 2020 in  Luxury Real Estate
No matter the season, or the year, or the current state of the economy, it seems luxury is always in demand. And whether you're among those who live a lifestyle of luxury, or if you just enjoy seeing how the other half lives, there are both emerging and steadfast design trends in luxury properties that are sure to pique your interest. So let's step inside these homes of the affluent, and check out what luxury touches they're looking for these days. Luckily, you won't have to sneak a peek under rugs, in the closets ... read more

All Luxury Listings Have One Thing in Common

Whether buying or selling luxury property, knowing this is a game changer.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 19, 2019 in  Luxury Real Estate
There is one thing all luxury listings have in common. Sure, many have high-end finishes, maybe an enviable wine cellar or a home theater sure to drop jaws. They likely have smart home technology throughout and perhaps even an indoor pool. While each luxury home is luxurious in its own way, all luxury listings have one thing in common. The marketing rules for luxury listings are entirely different. Why does this matter? Because knowing the marketing playbook is different enables you to find the right agent to list ... read more
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