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We’ve all been there. After a couple of hours binge watching home improvement shows, you feel inspired, invincible and ready to update your nest. But then you survey your palace…and suddenly that trendy hipster vibe you were going for, or that 80s quirkiness or that 70s wood paneling and shag carpet look really shabby, not to mention expensive to update. And—worse yet—you don’t have anyone named Chip or Joanna on speed dial.  The prospect of updating your home can make even the f... read more
Got the home improvement bug? When company is on the way, and you want to put your best foot forward, it’s fun to dream about feathering your nest! That is, until it’s time to talk budget. Nothing takes the wind out of our home improvement sails like projects with a huge price tag. Thankfully, there are loads of ways to create impact and make a lasting impression with home improvements that don’t cost much at all. And with the help of social media, ideas for these affordable improvements with impa... read more

Five Ways to Save on Winter Heating Costs

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 25, 2018 in  Maintenance and Repair
Many people in the upper Midwest are proud of their abilities to thrive through frigid and snowy winters. Others seem surprised each year when the temperature dips and the snow flies—no matter that it happens every single year. Whether you are a seasoned winter survivor or new to the cold weather scene, you can develop solid strategies for saving your bank account from a cold weather assault as the temperatures dip. Use the sun. In Chinese mythology, ten suns used to hang out in the sky until some wise ... read more

Five Resolutions for Homeowners

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 03, 2018 in  Maintenance and Repair
Keep your home in tip-top shape and ready to capture tip-top offers if and when you eventually decide to sell…and if you don’t decide to sell, you come home every day to a beautiful, comfortable house. Either way, you win. Replace Worn Weather Stripping That squishy stuff around our exterior doors is easy to forget; it’s the quiet superhero that keeps the warm air inside and the cold outside when it’s working as it should. How often should you replace it? That depends on the type ... read more
When you have a blog, you try to write about the topics that people appear to be most interested in. Those interests evolve over time, but some things seem to be evergreen, and they’re not always the topics one might expect.   As we look back on the ten years since we formed Coldwell Banker River Valley, REALTORS, one thing we’ve learned is that when it comes to predicting what will interest people most is to expect the unexpected. The good news is it looks like we have a little something for ev... read more
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