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Five Fun Lunches for School and Beyond

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on September 13, 2015 in  Uncategorized
If you’re a dedicated lunch maker, it’s easy to run out of ideas by the second week of school. A sandwich, some crackers, and a fruit cup can quickly lose their luster for you and for your child. Mix it up a little with a few easy, affordable and creative lunch strategies.Reinvent a classic:  Grab a whole grain hotdog bun. Insert a peeled banana as the frankfurter. Slather with peanut butter and jelly instead of ketchup and mustard. Now, that is cute. It is also full of fiber, potassium and... read more

Ready, Set, GO! Six Strategies to Conquer School Mornings

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on August 14, 2015 in  Uncategorized
School starts soon, and with it comes the morning routine. If you’re the parent of a school-age child, you may recognize the five stages of getting out the door in the morning:Denial—“We have plenty of time! I’ll even cook breakfast today!”Anger—“You’re not up? I thought you were up! Why do I have to yell every morning before you’ll get up? What do you mean you can’t find socks? I did laundry yesterday!” (This stage may last longer than the others&... read more

July events make River Valley a great place to call home

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on June 29, 2015 in  Uncategorized
You might be drawn to the River Valley for the beauty of the bluffs, the historic and majestic Mississippi River, or the amazing hiking and biking trails. But there are so many more attractions that make the area a premiere place to call home. The truth is, we really know how to throw a great party. Join us this July at any or all of our myriad festivities.Riverfest, July 1-4. Boasting no fewer than SIX performance venues in addition to activities, food, and fun from dawn ’til dusk, La Crosse’s Riverfes... read more

Five Ways to Get Your Home Vacation-Ready

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on May 19, 2015 in  Uncategorized
Vacation season has arrived. For homeowners, planning a trip goes beyond finding the best airfare: good planning means making sure your house and property are maintained and secured while you’re gone. As you plot your next great adventure, take steps to prepare your home for your absence. #1 Remember plants and pets. Gigi the goldfish may not need to cuddle, but she’ll need some basic care while you travel. Trade vacation caregiving with a neighbor or friend, and offer to take your plants and low-m... read more

Six Things You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance

Posted by Coldwell Banker River Valley on September 02, 2014 in  Uncategorized
Lenders always require their mortgage holders to keep insurance on their homes, so if you own a home, you probably have some kind of homeowners insurance. But do you know what it covers? Too often, homeowners don’t find out until they need it. It’s then they realize the policy they purchased doesn’t exactly work the way they hoped. These tips can help you avoid becoming one of those consumers — protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind. #1 Know what your policy covers. When rev... read more
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