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Homebuying in the Age of COVID-19

How the global pandemic is changing real estate transactions
Posted by Anna Jotham on June 03, 2020 in  COVID-19
These days there's almost nothing that hasn't been impacted by COVID-19, and that includes homebuying. The global pandemic has created seismic shifts in everything from supply chains to business processes to entertainment and travel. So it stands to reason that homebuying would also be affected. If sitting in lockdown has caused you to dream of having more space, more amenities, a bigger kitchen or a lush yard, you certainly aren't alone. The good news is COVID-19 doesn't have to derail your dreams of homeownership... read more

Tips for Buying a Fixer Upper

Buying a house that needs renovation? Here's what you should keep in mind.
Posted by Anna Jotham on January 03, 2020 in  Home Improvement
Whether you're on a budget, a first-time homeowner who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, or just want the challenge of some DIY, buying a fixer upper may appeal to you for several reasons. You've seen the shows that demonstrate how almost anything is possible, and it's inspiring and intriguing. Imagining what you can do with a property that needs a little love can be fun, but what should you keep in mind when it's time to buy? Let's put on the work gloves and find out!   Buying a fixer upper? Read this f... read more

All Luxury Listings Have One Thing in Common

Whether buying or selling luxury property, knowing this is a game changer.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 19, 2019 in  Luxury Real Estate
There is one thing all luxury listings have in common. Sure, many have high-end finishes, maybe an enviable wine cellar or a home theater sure to drop jaws. They likely have smart home technology throughout and perhaps even an indoor pool. While each luxury home is luxurious in its own way, all luxury listings have one thing in common. The marketing rules for luxury listings are entirely different. Why does this matter? Because knowing the marketing playbook is different enables you to find the right agent to list ... read more

Making the Most of Open Houses

When you're ready to buy, here's what you should know.
Posted by Anna Jotham on December 05, 2019 in  Open House
When you're ready to buy, here's what you should know When it's time to buy a house, attending open houses is an important part of the process. Open houses have a lot to offer as part of the complex homebuying process. They enable you to familiarize yourself with neighborhoods. They can help you refine your list of needs and wants. They can clarify expectations on pricing, features and inventory on the market. It's all about gathering the information you need to make the best choice for you and your loved ones. But... read more

3 Surprising Facts About Luxury Homes

Luxury real estate: facts about luxury homes.
Posted by Anna Jotham on November 22, 2019 in  Luxury Real Estate
Considering luxury real estate? This may surprise you! Whether you’re searching for the ideal luxury home for you and your loved ones, looking to list your luxury home with a reputable Realtor, or just scanning listings and dreaming of “someday…” it turns out some facts about luxury listings may come as a surprise. And it’s no wonder: when it comes to the luxury market, there are loads of differences from the rest of the world of real estate.   3 Things you won’t believe ... read more
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